when I visited to Jersualem Israel.

JerusalemIsraelcity situated in middle east located in Plateau in the Judaean Mountains  between the Mediterranean and the Dead sea.
Jerusalem is the oldest city in world. Jerusalem city considered as three major Holy places- Abrahmic religionsJudaism, Christianity and Islam.
When I visited to Jerusalem Israel, I saw that the people who follow the Judaism they believe in western wall, which is there holy well as Christianity believe that there is the place where Jesus born and The tomb of Jesus is also  situated in Jerusalem. The tomb of Jesus is covered by a shrine located within the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.There is also a major holy Mosque is situated which is called Al-Aqsa Mosque ( Masjid-ul-Aqsa).The mosque is located on the Temple Mount, referred to by Muslims today as the "Haram al-Sharif".There are many other places where you can be visit

1 Dead Sea
2 Montefiore windmill
3 Swim with Dolphins (Eilat)
4 Eretz Bereshis(Genesis land)

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